Manage all your stratas or condos with ease.

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Easily manage the details of all your stratas


Strata Focus makes managing all the details a breeze — strata fees for each lot, who is on council, how much your agency fees are, who owns each lot, and more.

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Track all the important details of each lot. Parking assignments, storage lockers, tenants, strata fees and more. You can even generate Form Fs and Form Bs for any lot in minutes.

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And More

There are many more features inside, and more being built. See how Strata Focus can help you save time and grow your business.

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Quick Overview

Get an overview of each strata and access the most important information quickly.

Strata Fees

Generating strata fees is simple with the Fee Generator

Maintenance Schedules

Create a maintenance schedule for each strata that can be printed for distribution

Strata Lots

Easily keep track of all the information associated with each strata lot.

And much more
We're constantly adding more features to Strata Focus

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